A groundbreaking method of engineering

POS-GRIP® technology is a patented method of engineering which can be applied to a wide variety of oil and gas products, such as wellheads and connectors. When combined with “HG” seals, the technology can create weld quality gas tight connections, which are instantaneous and fully reversible, adjustable and repeatable.

How it Works

Watch our video to see how our POS-GRIP technology is activated on a surface wellhead application.

POS-GRIP Technology & "HG" Seals

POS-GRIP technology is based on two very simple engineering concepts – elasticity of materials and friction.

Every object moves a small amount when a force is applied to it, and POS-GRIP uses this to flex a high pressure body in and out within the elastic range.
In wellheads, POS-GRIP can replace the conventional load shoulder or slips to create a high-load hanger support mechanism which is adjustable, full-bore, fully elastic, and provides instant, high-capacity lockdown.

“HG” seals are robust metal-to-metal seals which can be machined directly into the hanger, and are energised by use of an external POS-GRIP mechanism. External activation results in direct control of contact stresses at the sealing surface, leading to exceptional reliability and repeatability. This simple and elegant sealing mechanism has been qualified for X-HPHT service using validation criteria well above and beyond standard industry seal performance verification requirements.

POS-GRIP technology and “HG” seals have already been applied to a wide range of wellhead and connector products, where the simplicity of the system results in robust products which are safer to operate, cheaper to install, and offer unprecedented integrity for life of field.


POS-GRIP at work