“In today’s decarbonising world, methane wellhead leaks should be prevented whenever and wherever possible”

“We are proud to have received the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, recognising Plexus’ contribution to the global green economy. The Mark highlights our efforts to support the transition to a low or net zero economy.

“Plexus offers a proven solution, bringing benefits in terms of costs but also enables operators to produce hydrocarbons in a more sustainable and safer manner.”

Ben van Bilderbeek

CEO Plexus

POS-GRIP® seals – the net zero choice

Lifetime Leak-Free Integrity with Built-In Green Technology.

For over 30 years, Plexus has been protecting the environment, initially with its “through the BOP” (Blow-out Preventer) wellhead designs, and subsequently with its proprietary leak-proof wellhead sealing system, POS-GRIP.

Thanks to POS-GRIP technology, Net Zero leak-free performance can be guaranteed for the life of the well, reducing harmful methane emissions and unnecessary intervention costs.

This simple method of engineering, using sealing principles derived from Hertzian Stress Theory, has been independently verified and used by blue-chip oil and gasoperators.

POS-GRIP technology helps operators to fulfill their ESG responsibillities, and Plexus has provided leak-free wellhead performance in over 400 wells.

Improving Equipment Performance

Plexus Production Wellhead and Tree

Plexus provides specialised wellhead, valve and tree equipment which is designed and proven to enhance safety and reduce costs.

We offer equipment enhanced with our proprietary POS-GRIP and “HG” seal technology which can eliminate maintenance and failures throughout field life, and guarantee a leak-free, gas-tight solution.

This represents a major breakthrough for the industry that brings together two established technologies to provide unrivalled gas-tight seals that will effectively end costly repair and maintenance work and reduce OPEX by as much as 70%.

Contact our team to discover how our wellhead package can end the escalating cost of wellhead and tree repair shut-ins.


Powered by Innovation

At Plexus, we believe innovative technology needs to work hand in hand with outstanding service. We do what it takes to deliver equipment which is not only safer but proven to save time and money.

Utilising our patented POS-GRIP® technology, we are continually developing new wellhead equipment to meet our customers’ requirements, delivering solutions for the surface, subsea and decommissioning markets.

Providing rental and purchase services for both the low pressure and HP/HT markets, our support team works closely with you to identify the best wellhead equipment, providing a flexible and responsive service.

We’re a global business, delivering award winning technology and the highest level of service. We make a positive difference to your business.

Technological licences

Exploration Wellheads and MLS

Plexus has licences POS-GRIP® technology and Tersus TRT Mudline Suspension Equipment (MLS) for Jackup Exploration drilling, to Gusar (for use in Russia and the CIS) and to TechnipFMC (TFMC) (for the rest of the world).

Changing global drilling standards in the oil and gas industry by delivering innovative equipment and services which dramatically improve safety and reduce costs.













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Plexus receives the LSE Green Economy Mark

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