Plexus’ POS-SPEED™ connector is a compact proprietary quick make-up connector for use during drilling and production operations. In a production application, our POS-SPEED™ connector serves as the Tree to Wellhead connector. During the drilling phase, Plexus supplies its POS-SPEED™ Drilling Adaptor to facilitate the connection of surface drilling risers. OUR POS-SPEED™ connection offers safety and performance enhancements, in addition to significant time savings compared with traditional flange and clamp connections. Available in 13-3/8”, 18-3/4” and 21-1/4” nominal sizes, pressure rating 2,000 psi to 15,000psi and API temp class P-X.

  • Reduced make-up time
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Low torque make-up
  • Fully self-aligning
  • Compact design


The POS-SET™ Connector is designed to re-connect to bare conductor pipe for well re-entry or permanent abandonment operations. It creates a solid connection directly against the pipe, and retains bend and load capabilities at 80% of pipe strength, for the safest possible re-establishment of well control.

POS-SET™ can accommodate the large variations in diameter, wall thickness and ovality which can be experienced with conductor pipe, while creating a direct sealing and load-bearing interface. This wide window of operation means tieback problems are minimised, resulting in more cost-effective operations.

  • Connects to bare conductor pipe
  • Retains 80% of pipe bending and tension capability
  • Minimal clean-up and preparation of the pipe required.
  • Options for surface umbilical or ROV operation
  • Available for 30”, 36” and 42” conductors