Surface Wellhead

Integrity of equipment is essential for long term production wells, where many hundreds of pressure and temperature cycles can be seen throughout the life of a field. POS-GRIP® “HG” production wellheads are designed and tested to meet worst case conditions, and provide the safest possible solution during drilling and production.

As well as offering the highest standards in safety and integrity, “HG” production wellheads are designed to be quick and simple to install. The through BOP design combined with extremely simple hangers and running tools can generate days of time-savings per well.

  • “HG” metal-to-metal seals provide weld quality high integrity sealing
  • Hangers are extremely simple one-piece components
  • Packoffs and separate lock-down mechanisms are eliminated
  • High-capacity instant lockdown of hangers
  • Adjustable hangers are available for tensioned casing/tubing and tieback applications
  • Hangers are easily removed even after years of production for workovers / side-tracks
  • Available up to 20,000 psi

The simplicity and high integrity performance of the “HG” Wellhead means very minimal maintenance is required during field life. However, Plexus still offer a scheduled inspection and maintenance service to meet a customer’s requirement.

Tubing Spools

POS-GRIP “HG” Tubing Spools

This wellhead technology will enhance the profitability of your next field development, or revolutionise the reliability of current production.

The Plexus Tubing Spool uses POS-GRIP “HG” technology which has been proven on hundreds of wells over the last 20 years. It squeezes to grip the Tubing Hanger in place, creating a direct metal seal between the hanger and housing.


  • 100% Guaranteed leak proof for field life
  • Zero maintenance
  • Field proven
  • Retrofit to exsisting wells, or install on new wells

Subsea Wellheads

Python® Subsea Wellheads

Wellhead equipment is critical for the safe drilling and production of subsea wells. Long term performance and integrity are crucial, due to the remote location of the wellhead. Plexus has therefore combined the safety and reliability benefits of POS-GRIP® and “HG” sealing into a wellhead system which is robust and fully tested to meet the conditions expected in deepwater and HP/HT wells.

As well as offering the highest standards in safety and integrity, the Python® Subsea wellhead is designed to be simple. Many conventional components are eliminated, resulting in enhanced reliability and fewer trips. Time savings during drilling are up to four days in shallow water, and up to 12 days per deepwater well, compared to conventional systems.


  • “HG” metal-to-metal seals provide weld quality high integrity sealing
  • Hangers are extremely simple one piece components
  • Hangers are automatically locked in place and sealed as POS-GRIP® is activated
  • Packoffs, lock-rings and lockdown sleeves are eliminated
  • Hydraulic system is contained within a standard guide base
  • Standard ROV operation, similar to hydraulic wellhead connectors
  • Full mechanical lock applied after hydraulic activation
  • Fully reversible for ease of workover, side-tracking or abandonment

Tersus Mudline Systems

The Plexus range of Tersus Mudline Suspension Systems is designed with proactive well control and safety in mind. Wherever possible, all procedures are carried out under full BOP protection, which is sadly not the case with most other commercially available systems.

Mudline Systems are often thought of as cheap and simple, but significant value can be added through design details which enhance safety, create savings and reduce risk. For example, the Tersus-TRT combined TA Cap is safer to use and quicker to install than multi cap options. The Tersus PCT system has the potential for huge savings by allowing the recovery of HP/HT exploration wells, and enabling pre-drilling of HP/HT development wells.

  • High value cost savings and more efficient production using Tersus PCT
  • Surface casing riser washout without rotation of the riser
  • All interfaces are externally testable before running
  • Split cages with optimised stiffness and debris accommodation enhance reliability
  • TA Cap is installed and retrieved under full BOP control
  • Bore and annulus can be vented before pulling TA cap
  • USD ($) Millions potential savings and years earlier production using Tersus PCT
M2S Subsea Wellheads

M2S wellheads are designed to be jack-up deployed and convert pre-drilled wells using mudline equipment to subsea production. M2S systems use POS-GRIP® and “HG” sealing to provide many of the unique safety features and benefits of Plexus’ other surface and subsea POS-GRIP products.

M2S benefits from the adjustable nature of POS-GRIP® to enable Mudline Tieback Tools to be easily re-connected to the mudline hangers before the strings are precisely tensioned and locked into place in the high pressure subsea wellhead housing. This saves time and reduces the risk of problems, to maximise value for our users.


  • Enables conversion of pre-drilled wells to subsea production
  • Adjustable interface eliminates space-out issues for tieback
  • Can interface with any Mudline Suspension System
  • Can interface with any horizontal or vertical subsea tree